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Keep Your Eavestroughs Clear & Protected

Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System

In addition to our roofing services, Friendship Steel Solutions supplies and installs Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System. This system not only prevents leaves, debris, and ice from accumulating in your eavestroughs with a leaf guard cover, but makes them 50% stronger thanks to the fastening system that spans the entire length of the eavestroughs. This reinforcement keeps gutters from bending under the weight of ladders, branches, and more. Additionally, the Alu-Rex Gutter Clean System can hold and drain the heaviest rainfalls thanks to its Alu-Perf technology.

Fixa-Tech System

With the Fixa-Tech, Alu-Rex Gutter Clean Systems are easy to install over existing eavestrough, no matter how wide. Furthermore, it’s invisible from the ground.

Additional Benefits of Alu-Rex Gutter Clean Systems

Alu-Rex Gutter Clean Systems are often half the price of similar products on the market. This system is easy to install, meaning less labour costs and shorter downtime during the installation period.

If you’re ready to see the difference Alu-Rex Gutter Clean Systems can make for your eavestroughs, call Friendship Steel Solutions in Kingston for installation services. We can provide you with a free, no-obligations estimate.

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